Saturday, 23 June 2007

Yandi yahoo

So here I am, working at Yandi (minesite in the Pilbara region) but with not a lot of work to do! My job here is payroll, and I cover when the regular person goes on R&R. It really only needs a half day handover, but because there aren't many flights we've got two days! So, here I am, surfing the net and writing my blog.

Despite the red dust, I've brought my (white) Starsky to work on. I'm nearly half way up the back. I think that's pretty good going since I haven't worked on it that much and the cables are pretty damn tricky! I'm getting used to them now but I don't think this is a pattern that I will be able to memorise. I'm liking the look of the banana leaf cables though. I'll take some pictures but I can't post them up until I get home.

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