Friday, 20 July 2007

On the home straight!

So I guess I am a 'finisher' when it comes to knitting. Don't mean to gloat at all you others with 10 or so projects on the go, but I usually work on one or two projects at a time (often two, it's useful to have a small and a big one, or an easy and a hard one - so I can change depending on the situation!).

Having said that, I haven't quite finished Starsky, but so nearly nearly there! I've finished all the knitting. Last night I blocked the pieces since the stockinette is so curled up it would be difficult to sew. I tried to avoid blocking it sideways too much as I still want it to cling rather than hang. Think I'm going to have a loners Friday night tonight and sew it up because I want to wear it! There's not that many weeks of coldish weather left so I want it now!

In other news, I have a new job for a bit, for two weeks anyway. I'm helping with a big tender and it's at a different office - in St Georges Terrace. The cycle here is a bit more dicey, but I'm experimenting with different routes. The work isn't difficult at all but definately a nice change from reception! After the tender's done it'll be back to the reception desk for a few days and then another week in Yandi.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Learning to be a good blogger

I need to remember to keep my camera with me, so I can be a proper blogger. I've done loads on Starsky now, but I haven't taken any photos to prove it. Progress photos seem to be an important part of knitting blogs so I'm failing on that already!

So instead, I'll ramble a bit about projects I'm planning on doing...

I've already mentioned The Sunshine Sweater, by LilyGo. Hopefully mine will look something like this -

Mine will be a bit more dark sky rather than sunshine, as I'm using the blue/black variegated yarn I wound up before I went to Yandi. It'll be my first top-down raglan type thing, and will probably take me forever because it's 4-ply. This is all part of my attempt to exist without a large stash of yarns. I was starting to grow a big stash in Wales, but I downsized before I came to Australia. I'm still using up what's there though! After Starsky and the Sunshine Sweater I'll definately have to go shopping though.

As well as knitting, I've been thinking about sewing again. This is mostly due to inspiration from lupinbunny. Last summer she sewed a dress from the butterick pattern below - and I want one too!

I've got some nice batik fabric I bought in Malaysia a long time ago, it'd look great with a contrasting plain fabric I think. It's been so long since I sewed anything (about 10 years) that I'd try it in a cheap fabric first. Of course, I don't have a sewing machine, so visiting Mum would be essential - having her clever sewing brain nearby is helpful too!

The new Harry Potter movie opens tonight!! I'm going to try to see it, because I am a sado obsessive Harry Potter fan. I'm really hanging out for the new book too.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Back at the ranch

I arrived back from Yandi last night. My flight was delayed because of the weather in Perth which was so annoying, but it's nice to be home. I hope you like these shots of our day trip to Karijini.

There was such an amazing contrast between the dry landscape above and the lush plants and pools in the gorges. We went for a swim in this pool! The waterfall has warm water flowing into it - paradise!

Below is my Starsky in progress. This photo is a bit out of date - I've finished the back and nearly all the front now. I think I need to learn a better cast on, looking at the photo it's a bit messy... but I'm not going to worry too much at this stage!