Friday, 20 July 2007

On the home straight!

So I guess I am a 'finisher' when it comes to knitting. Don't mean to gloat at all you others with 10 or so projects on the go, but I usually work on one or two projects at a time (often two, it's useful to have a small and a big one, or an easy and a hard one - so I can change depending on the situation!).

Having said that, I haven't quite finished Starsky, but so nearly nearly there! I've finished all the knitting. Last night I blocked the pieces since the stockinette is so curled up it would be difficult to sew. I tried to avoid blocking it sideways too much as I still want it to cling rather than hang. Think I'm going to have a loners Friday night tonight and sew it up because I want to wear it! There's not that many weeks of coldish weather left so I want it now!

In other news, I have a new job for a bit, for two weeks anyway. I'm helping with a big tender and it's at a different office - in St Georges Terrace. The cycle here is a bit more dicey, but I'm experimenting with different routes. The work isn't difficult at all but definately a nice change from reception! After the tender's done it'll be back to the reception desk for a few days and then another week in Yandi.


Linda Green said...

Hi Vicki,
lovely to see your latest creation, it's so nice. I planned to make a throw like your blue one, but came away from Colinnette with more purple/reds and have now finished it - I'm so pleased, but also still have socks on the go all the time for portability! And right now I'm knitting cup cakes (maybe put them on the S'n'B page when done.
love Linda

Anonymous said...

Hiya Vicky!

So good to hear from you on the Builth stitchnbitch group! Sorry, I have only just found your blog. What lovely things and gorgeous photos of the National Park. Your are knitting so fast, it would take me ages to do something like Starsky!

I am into lace at the moment, one row forward and 10 back, but have times when it rushes along. I am dying to see the finished thing (a stole from Rowan) but will miss her when she is finished ...... I hope that you can find a more interesting job soon ;0)


spider_knit said...