Monday, 26 March 2007

Why do I knit for birthdays?!

I so often decide to knit something for someone's birthday etc, then find I'm up against a deadline, often miss the deadline, and have to show people their half finished birthday pressie.

I've got two on the go at the moment - lace socks for Lady (my grandmother, I've always called her Lady for some reason). They're nearly nearly finished, but her 78th birthday was on Saturday, so I had to show here the finished one sock and take it back.

The other thing is muuuch bigger, it's a Colinette bedspread sized throw for my Mum who will be 50 on Wednesday. I did most of it when I was living in Wales, but still need to finish the lace edging. Even though it's only eight stitches on 8 mm needles and I only need to do about 3 metres (it's a really open lace pattern) it's taking me forever! Part of the reason is that we've been living with Mum so I've had to keep it hidden, and now we've moved I keep trying to organise our flat rather than work on this. I really wanted to have a big tada moment with this but I think I'll be presenting something half finished again.

Another one is a jumper for Andy, and because it has no deadline (except maybe winter?) it'll probably stay in it's half sewn up stage for awhile.

Next big project will be for me and me alone!

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